Friday, October 29, 2010

Returning to Normal

Our recent spate of wardecs has come to an end, and the University is making its way back to normal.  People are rejoining, income is starting to flow in (the University makes no tax money during wars due to SOP), and we start to get back into the flow of peacetime.

However, this situation is not without drama, not without those who attack the opinions of their betters, spread misinformation, and sully the very world with their presence.  I speak, of course, about the Recruiting department.  This group of 30-50 players has thrown the gauntlet at my division, Logistics, threatening us and challenging us to a duel.  Of course, my division, all 15 of us, expect to handily wipe the floor with them.  We will show them the power of teamwork and coordination, backed by the greatest minds and industrial might of the Uni.  Our greatest challenge will be concealing our strength and power in order to get them to actually take the field against us.  For if they truly grasped our magnificence, they would be reluctant to undock from their stations, let alone approach our ships with live weapons.

We plan on crushing our enemies -- watching them driven before us, and  hearing the lamentation of their women.  We will tear their shields, rip holes through their armor, and send their weak pods scurrying away back into the darkness from which they came.

We will field a team of talented individuals in impeccability constructed wholes, purpose fit to coordinate efforts to demolish our enemies.  We will employ ingenious tactics, superb target calling, complementary fits, and unprecedented pilot skill to dominate the field.  Or, we may just purchase a MS and hotdrop it on them.....its still up in the air. The rest of the department wants plan A, I want plan B.

No matter what happens, rest assured, that the greater side will win. Logistics will rule the field of battle.

(If you couldn't tell, this post isn't meant seriously.  The ROs really aren't bad guys, and dueling each other is just a fun way to blow off steam)


  1. So if I cheer for the Recruitment guys, does that mean I'll lose my hangar access?

  2. Hahaha awesome. Take 'em down! I love the eloquent writing when it comes to you vs them posts xD

  3. I loved the Conan quote :)