Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My new face

I've been experimenting on Sisi, trying to practice making a new face for myself.  The new system has a lot of promise, but there are a few parts that I really dislike

-Long hair styles.  I cannot get a long hair style that doesn't make my forehead look like it is monstrous.  I really wanted a picture that is similiar to my existing style, but its difficult with their pre-rendered choices. A greater selection of decent hair styles would be nice.

-Eye position. While I can edit quite a bit about my eyes, I'm limited as to eye tilt or verticle eye placement.  This limits the variety of face types I can create, and makes it hard to capture Azmodeus Valar's current look.

-Face Shape. While I can edit a lot about my face shape, I'm having trouble capturing the face shape of my existing character. The new system needs to be able to create the same face shapes as the previous system.

-Assymetrical Editing. Right now, anything I sculpt is changed on the other side of the face as well. While not quite as bad for me, I'll miss seeing faces like Backdoor Bandit's.

-Sliders. The grab and pull interface is fine, but I would like to see some representation of how much I have sculpted as compare to the range of how much i can sculpt.  A visual x/y axis would really help.

-Wheels. They are just horrible.  Some way to instantly see what each option is (sims interface) would be much better.

-Breasts. It is suprisingly hard to come up with options that don't look outlandish.  Some more variety would be nice.

-Clothes. Not every material is latex. Don't treat it like it is.  I'd love to see fabric hanging and swirling.

Without the ability to recreate an identity that looks similiar to my current one, I am very disappointed with the system. I've grown quite attached to my current look, and while I appreciate the updated graphics, I hope a lot more work is done before it goes live in Incursion.  Maybe they need to consider delaying this till Incursion 1.5 to make sure there is a decent wealth of options to truly let us customize our looks.


  1. I think it still has a lot of work to be done yet, the gaps in the system are glaring.
    Agreed on the wheels, they are really annoying.
    I also found the sculpting system was anything but intuitive, kept finding that moving part A made part B change shape.
    And the posing ability is pathetic - they had been really emphasising how cool it was, when it is pathetically limited.

    As I was saying, there's a lot of work to do on it, I just hope they're planning to catch up with what needs to be done before release. Since it's one aspect that really doesn't lend to iteration. (I'm not paying to redo it again if they add aspects that should have been there in the first place)

    Also - no Matari tatoos. RAGE!


  2. From what I've heard, there is alot more going into the system. I haven't been able to get the editor to even load for me so I don't know much yet. But yes, the no tattoo thing brought my eyebrows up.

  3. I had a play with it too, and it's kind of cool, kind of annoying. The models look pretty good, but the style of the clothing is a little too "modern fashion" and not "grimy future sci-fi"... on the other hand, nor is it "ludicrous piping over shoulders", which is a positive.

    I couldn't make my test Laria smile at all, which was annoying. More importantly, there was bad clipping - layers of clothing showing through joins in others, at times. Still, it's an interesting and hopeful tool.