Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My New Job

With my recent appointment as Director of Operations, I felt that I should take some time to talk about my view of the Uni. I must admit that I was both honored and slightly trepidatious when Kelduum first approached me about taking the job. I have been very happy as Director of Logistics, and the thought of having to fill the job occupied by people such as Kelduum, Dee Carson, and Kassie Kelmar was overwhelming. I can only assure you that I will do my best to rise to the occasion and live up to the faith Kelduum has put in me.

Now, considering my last 2 months as Acting Director of Operations, and my previous 4 years as Director of Logistics, I don't think anyone is expecting any drastic changes in how the University functions. That being said, E-Uni, like any organization, must continue to evolve as the game changes and the community grows. This last year has been a great one for the University, seeing the rise of great programs like the LSC, NSC, WHC, and AMC. I will continue to support these types of changes that make a positive impact on the University as a whole, while still remaining true to our core values.

For the near future I will continue to function as the head of the Logistics Department. It will pass on to someone else at a later point, but, and I'm sure this is no surprise to the people that know me, I actually like spreadsheets. I enjoy that job, and would like to continue until I have the Department in a great state to turn over to someone else, instead of the work-intensive mess I've created for myself. I don't want to inflict the current Dir Log duties on anyone.

I hope that everyone will realize that I am open to ideas and positive discussions about what can be beneficial to the University. If you feel you need to discuss something with me, feel free to convo me in-game or send me a forum PM. I will do my best to address everyone's needs.

Fly safe (or dangerously)

your newly condemned Director of Operations,
Azmodeus Valar

-Previously posted to Eve University forums