Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Next Steps

I find myself within 1 day of having to respend a lot of SP across various accounts.  I've decided what to do on several accounts, but I'm not sure about the others.  I only need so many commandship/t3 command pilots.

My thoughts on some of my accounts:
One character will definately get some decent t3 command skills, and another will finish off some trading/corp management skills. Some of my other accounts will finish off jump skills, or maybe train titan to a decent level just to say I have it.  How is everyone else planning on spending their SP?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Mea Culpa

I have to admit, I made a rather stupid mistake when formulating a University policy.  We decided to start having a period of 0% tax for 2 days after each war, so people could pack in some mission running and rebuild their personal wallets.

However, when doing this I completely missed the fact that by setting it to 0, I would have no data on how many people took advantage of this. As a result, I lost all ability to compare that mission running spurt with previous data, cannot comment on how changes in tax rate influence number of mission runners, and lost a valuable data point in predicting future revenue at various tax rates.

In the future, the tax rate will be set at .1%, instead of 0, allowing me to gather data while also giving people some nice mission running opportunities.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Noctis was a Success

Last week the noctis was introduced, and we at Eve University had to find a way to get it into our player's hands as quickly and easily as possible.  It helped that a BPO was donated to the Univeristy, so that all we had to do was start building.

We did a simple auction, where our students just placed a bid (anything over mineral price), and we starting building noctis as quick as possible using 2 prints.  The highest bids were filled first, and we proceeded down the list.  By the end of the week, we had put over 60 noctis into the hands of our students.

The majority of the bids were close to mineral price, but several was significantly higher.  As a result, we made some isk off of this deal.  As soon as we had firm numbers on the isk, we started looking into ways to use the isk to help Uni players.  Since the mission runners of the Uni had been the Noctis' primary consumer, and they supply us significant isk in taxes, we decided to do something to help them. 

After the wars ended, we lowered the tax rate to 0%, and will keep it there for 2 days for people to enjoy the new ship and rebuild their wallets.  After 2 days, it'll reset to the normal rate. We will continue this tradition of 2 days of 0% tax after wars until we've gone through all  of the Noctis isk.

Enjoy your ships and fly safe.