Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Battlecruiser BPOs

With the new Battlecruisers being introduced, the Uni has started making plans for acquiring these items and using them.  As with the Noctis BPO of a year ago, there are multiple ways we can go about making them available to our students.  Unlike the Noctis, I expect these BPOs to be much easier to get for the average individual.

Plan A: The Uni will purchase one of each BPO using funds from our capital reserve, and place them in research as soon as they are available.  Initial research will only be a few levels of ME, at which point they will be made available to students via the existing BYOM/PYOS programs.  Since we expect demand to far outstrip supply (at least within the Uni), ships will be awarded on a first come-first serve basis.  In the event of a tie, BYOM will be given precedence, as it is a less logisticaly instensive program than PYOS. After demand has died down, it will gradually be researched further in small spurts so that it is still available for production periodicially. It could be some time before the prints are researched to our normal levels.

Plan B: The uni will purchase two of each BPO. One will be researched to ME 2 or 3 and made available as under plan A. The other will be researched longer.  The two BPOs will switch every so often, with one coming of out research to be produced from, and the other being put into research.  This will allow us to gradually work up the ME savings for students while still having a print researching. At the end, one of the prints will be auctioned off in the uni or on the contract market to regain the capital spent on the extra.

At this time, we will not be auctioning off the first ships, or playing into the rampant market speculation that may occur.  The ships will be available to our students (limit 1 per student till demand dies down) at mineral cost (or close to it) under BYOM and PYOS. As always, plans are subject to change depending on new information.