Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Next Step

As I've continued in Eve, I've always had some next goal for my character to help train my next skill.  Sometimes it might be something simple like "get better at interceptors", gradually progressing to "learn t2 crusiers" to finally things like "get recon V and AWU V for that build you wanted." 

This method has worked well up till now, as I've progressed through two races and cap ships for both.  But now I find myself in new territory...I don't have a next goal.  Yeah, I could work on getting those cap ships skills to V, but its not like I'm ever going to use them in the Uni enough to make it worth while.  I could train Titans up for laughs, but thats a few months and I'm back to the same point.  I could add another race (minnie), but I don't really have any desire to fly minnie ships right now. Lastly, I could spend a few months getting some of those supports to V, but how much am I really going to need t2 weapon specs to V?

What do you guys do if you've run out of short term goals?


  1. Okay, obviously this is a point I've not gotten to in EVE but have wondered what it would be like given the "sandbox".

    Realizing this is hypothetical for me at this point, I suppose I would step back and look at my "character" and try and consider his/her motivations and desires. I attribute it to my old RPG playing days but I also see each character differently with unique behaviours and motivations.

    So with this in mind what would Azmodeus Valar do? With the trading and logistics skills mastered, along with the ship skills referenced above, where do you go next? Become an EVE equivalent of a robber baron by developing a PI empire? Develop more research skills in new areas?

    You could make this into a poll... what does Az train next and see where the votes take you? Either way, should provide some feedback and maybe help you deal with this issue along the way.

    By the way, really enjoy reading your posts but honestly, where do you find the time to do all of this?!?

  2. I think part of the issue is that my characters in the Uni don't really do much in space anymore. Most of my time on these characters is devoted to social or job related issues.

  3. Get back in space then, I heard someone saw Keld in a ship the other day.

  4. Tell my wife to give me playtime when we have an op forming :)