Monday, November 1, 2010

Gambling can be fun

I have to admit, I was initially fairly wary about using Somer Blink

I was wrong.  This site was incredibly fun all weekend.  For those of you that haven't read about it, you transfer funds (isk) into your account.  Then, you can use those funds to bid in Blinks, which are fast paced lotteries.  Each one can be from 8-almost 60 tickets, and the ticket price can be from 70 isk (promos) to tens of millions.  The best part is, the lottos are usually over in minutes, and if you don't see the item you want up for grabs, you can start a blink and bid to get a chance to win that item.

Once you win an item, you can arrange to have it dropped at a hub, transported to a station you want, sent as straight isk to you in-game, or sent as credit to your blink account. 

I originally put in 500m, then dumped another 500m in a bit later.  However, that 500m won be a few recons, logistics, an archon, macherial, scorp navy issue, and a set of +4s in game.  The best part is, even if I hadn't won as much, I would have still had fun.


  1. I'll buy that Scorp Navy Issue from you :PP Man, Idk how you guys get so lucky. I burned 40 mil and have lost every time. I'm sticking to promos now and might try at a Dram now and then. Atm, it's just a sink for me lol