Saturday, November 13, 2010

Artificial market hub

In an effort to help encourage Uni students to try some more t2 frigs, instead of just trying to work their way up to cruisers/BCs/BS as quick as possible, I have transported a lot of t2 frigs to aldrat and listed them for sale.

So far, I have listed all the interceptors, and all cov-ops (except for the helios) at the equivalent price of the nearest market hub.  If this works, I will begin transporting other T2 frigs (probably SBs and AFs) in similiar quantities, and some popular t2 mods (Tank mods, Tackle Mods, Damage increase mods, AB/MWD), along with small faction ammo.

To head off possible complaints:
-I cannot list them below market hub price, as people would just buy them, move them to the hub, and resell
-I refuse to do 100+ contracts to offer then under market price within the Uni.  That just isn't time efficient.

Anything anyone else would like me to consider moving to aldrat for sale?  This isn't exactly a huge moneymaker, but it might help Uni students, especially during wartime.


  1. Well, considering that 90 percent of the recommended fits recommend rolled tungsten for the armor plating, perhaps getting some of those sent along?

  2. I assume you're not going to stress about keeping them at precisely market value? I'd even suggest marking them up by a few percent(2-4%), for the convenience factor they provide - the service is worth it.

    This is a really good idea, by the way. Nice work, AV.

  3. Yeah. I'm not spending much time making sure they're exact, I'm just trying to keep them close. Not trying to make isk off of it, so the extra 2-4% isn't a concern.