Wednesday, November 10, 2010

PVP In the Uni

My last post talked about how I think the University should focus more on offering pvp gangs that have set skill or ship requirements.  Here are some examples of what I'd like to see:

RR BS gangs


Agony style hydra frigate ganges (very low requirements)

AHAC /logi


Blackops/SB (We've done these in the past with great success)

Heavier small gangs for wormholes, not 1 BS, 1 BC, 5 cruisers, and 17 frigates.

Each of these gangs exposes players to a type of PVP that they may see outside of the Uni, and helps gain skills that normally wouldn't be focused on. 

Now, its easy to say what we need, but its hard to actually put it in place.  With our demographic, we can't manage a lot of these on the fly.  It just isn't possible.  However, we could easily dedicate a week for a specific type of gang, and announce it ahead of time to get people prepared.  For example, we could say that Dec 5-11th will be drake gangs (yay for FOTM), Dec 12-18 is RR BS, and Dec 19-25 is Blackops/SB gangs.  This gives people advance notice to get ships available and ready for pvp, and lets prospective FCs know that during those weeks that can take out a regular style Uni gang, or try the specialized gang of the week. 

Of course, it wouldn't be required to take out that type of gang, but it would let FCs know that people will have ships ready for that type of gang if they want to try it.

If properly done, this could be coordinate with classes to be offered the week before, so we may have a class on Friday on Agony style hydra frigate gangs, with the following Sunday-Saturday set aside as a time for people to practice and share their knowledge with the rest of the University.

Any thoughts? What type of specialized fleets would you like to see? Do you feel this is an effective way to look into organizing our instruction and PVP?


  1. It's an utterly lovely idea. I only hope that it doesn't die on the false altar of keeping everything where everyone can do it. :<

  2. Fantastic idea. You could make frigate hydra every week and something more complex in a parallel rotation and keep everyone happy.

  3. Hey Azmodeus,
    I am not sure why, but recently it your RSS feed is only showing the first paragraph or so of your posts. This is causing it to get cutoff in Google Reader. (where as blogs like Mem's show the entire post in the feed). I'm assuming that this is a setting in blogspot, but I didn't know if it was intentional. If not intentional, anyway you could switch it to include the full posts in the feeds?

    I think the idea of specialized gangs is a terrific one. Outside of the E-Uni, it seems like corporations take out specific gangs (Such as Snipe HACs). Would give people more of an opportunity to learn specific roles for when they move on verse the normal uni "blob"

  4. Personally I'd love to see hydra style gangs, they aren't all that hard to set up for, get people playing with other racial ewar types and such, and should be pretty fast moving.

    Also, and a little more advanced, small AF gangs, a handful of iskurs/wolfs/jags etc, a couple of brawler inties and ideally a Kitune and maybe a Keres blatting about looking for trouble.