Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Win $ through Eve University

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For over 6 and a half years, Eve University has been on a mission to educate and assist all new players of EVE Online, and when we launched UniWiki, followed by our Planetary Interaction guide for Tyrannis, we moved a big step closer to documenting the game mechanics in EVE. But while we have one element documented, there are still many many more to go!

So, we are running a bit of a competition. The contest is open to almost all EVE players, and to enter you simply need to update or write new articles on UniWiki. The four people with the most detailed, comprehensive and professional looking article edits will each win an EVE Store coupon code worth $50, provided by CCP, and postage and packaging costs will be covered by them too! Should you have any queries please submit a petition to the EVE Online Community team and they will be happy to help.

The contest will start at 00:01 EVE time on Monday 20th September, and run until 23:59 EVE time on Sunday September 26, so you have a bit of time to prepare and choose your subject.

Entering the Contest
To edit UniWiki, you do not need to be an Eve University member or alumni, simply a forum account with us - simply an active EVE Online account. To set up a new account, visit from the in game browser.

1. Log into UniWiki via
2. Use the search function to find the article you will edit.
3. Click the "Edit" link at the top of the page.
4. Make your changes or add your contribution.
5. Add the text "{{uwc}}" to the top of the page if it not already there.
6. Fill in the summary box, and click preview.
7. Ensure that everything looks as you would expect, then click Submit.

Wiki Editing Tips
- Find a subject you know well which does not already have a detailed guide.
- If possible, avoid working on articles which are already identified as being entered into the competition.
- Where you can, concentrate on one single subject.
- Include images where appropriate, and use formatting to ensure high quality results, and link to sources.
- Keep your content EVE related! Guides on sniping in Medal of Warfare: Call of Honor won't win!
- Avoid making multiple small changes, and use the "preview" function to check things are right before submitting.
- If you aren't familiar with wiki markup, you can use the WYSIWYG editor instead.

Terms and Conditions:
1. An Eve University forum account is required to participate, and those accounts which have previously been banned for abuse are not eligible.
2. Abuse of the Eve University forums, wiki or other resources (including significantly inappropriate or destructive edits) will lead to a ban and reversion of your changes, disqualifying you from this and future competitions.
3. Eve University Management and Directors are not eligible to win any of the four prizes.
4. By submitting any edits, you agree to our that the content posted is not copyright of any other person or organisation, and its is licensed as per the notices on UniWiki.
5. Only one forum account per person must be used, and you may win only once, however you may make edits on multiple articles.
6. All entries must include the text "{{uwc}}" and been made between the times specified above or they will not be considered in the judging.
7. The winners will be notified by EVEmail and forum PM from the Eve University Forum, and your registered email address on the forum will be passed to CCP to award the prize.
8. Neither CCP nor Eve University will be responsible for lost or misdirected mail, customs charges, local taxes or any additional costs when the winners use the code in the EVE Store.
9. The judges for this contest are the Eve University Directors and CEO, and their decision is final in all matters related to this contest.

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