Thursday, September 23, 2010


Yet another war has started, this time a 4 person corp has declared war on us.  I can understand why these corps do it.  Most 1500 person corps would be easy pickings for some jita gankers.  Its a simple way to pad some killboard numbers with occasional mission runners and industrial ships.

However, our wartime operations are significantly different than the normal.  People who really want to mine or mission are encouraged to drop corp, and are accepted back after the war with no penalty.  We still have classes, and the only people undocking are players who are seeking PVP, oftentimes in large groups because so many people want to go blow something up.  We did lose an industrial yesterday, but that was a bit of a fluke, as we'll actually blow up our own players that we see undocked in an industrial during wartime.

We've had some corps in the past that did a great job bringing a fight to us, and whipping us around space (atomic battle penguins, I'm looking at you), but most seem to come expecting one type of fight, and are not capable of adapting when we don't play the way they want us to.

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