Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Things

Its been a busy summer for E-uni logistics.  In addition to several wars, which require us to ramp up production of wartime mods, we've also had a huge number of students going through.  For my department, this means more items being made, stocked in hangars, and replaced when the students use them.  For myself, this has also meant more refining requests, byom jobs, and I've also taken over the job of financial analysis of the entire University's income and expenditures.  This was a job that has been unfilled since Spring of 2009, so its been a bit of work to implement some new accounting procedures to keep everything in line.

Lastly, I've also hired a new manager to oversee an entirely new program under the logistics department, a corp ship marketplace.  The initial response to this program has been great, and I'm sure Cervator will do a great job with it. Of course, setting it up meant coming up with an overview of the program, specific procedures for students and staff involved in the program, rearrangement of corp wallets to free a wallet up, hiring Cervator, and stocking a LARGE number of minerals to give us a headstart on demand.  Thankfully, Cervator took some of my ideas and didn't just run with them, but improved them 500% and made them his own.  The work he has done on this is nothing short of amazing.

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