Monday, September 20, 2010

New Ship!

CCP announced their new ship a few days ago, the noctis.  The Primae is a great hull base for a salvager ship, but unfortunately, there are a few weaknesses that prevent this ship from being the ultimate salvager we'd all like.

First, the slot layout: With limited mids, it isn't as useful in W-space as it could be.  Optimally, we'd be able to fit a propulsion mod alongside a analyzer, codebreaker, and some sort of utility/tank slot. This would let it be a useful professional exploration ship alongside a gang of combat ships to clear the site.  Instead, we're somewhat limited to using it only in high-sec missions.

Second, probing.  Its sensor strength, combined with size, is going to make it fullhardy to use in anything other than highsec.

Lastly, the seeding of the BPOs and skillbooks.  While I can definately understand the reason for seeding the BPOs in ORE space, much like other ORE ships, the skillbook should be seeded in highsec.  Other skillbooks used by ORE ships are in highsec, and this skillbook should be treated no differently.

While it will still be a solid ship if released with its current stats, I hope CCP will make some minor changes to the ship stats and skillbook locations before they release the ship.


  1. What I would have liked to see CCP do is have SOE release the new ship (or atleast the skillbooks). Every faction has it's own ships, pirate factions have their own ships, ORE already has it's own ships.. SOE has scanning modules and probes, but no ships. Also, SOE is located in both high and null sec systems, so the "new shiny" would be available to everyone.

    It is supposed to be a salvage-dedicated ship and people salvage in missions mostly. SOE has agents all over and many people run missions for them. On the other hand, no one (or very few people) run missions for ORE, so I think SOE would have been a more logical choice. Unfortunately, CCP enjoys ignoring logic it seems.

  2. I'm going to have to agree with anonymous on the SOE idea. I think that would really work as far as distribution, as well as providing some additional depth to the story of Eve.
    As far as not being suited to WH ops, I totally agree. I think since they've already committed this design, a good answer might be to create a dedicated exploration platform. Lots of mids, good sensor strength, appropriate bonuses.
    Just a thought

  3. @ Ardent

    Isn't that already there? Pilgrim or some other silly name. Okay, now some serious stuff.

    The idea of SOE giving out the ship would not make a lot of sense from a lore perspective. From my limited understanding of the lore, ORE is the top notch corporation when it comes to all industrial stuff and SOE is some religious fanatic group (okay, not exactly) that wants peace for all mankind. Not exactly the faction to go out and send such a technological miracle that the Noctis presents.

    Just my thoughts.