Monday, October 3, 2011

How do we decide what to do?

Recently, we had some people asking why we only reimburse frigates, destroyers, and cruisers in the Uni, and not battlecruisers or battleships.

In reality, there are quite a few reasons we don't, which I'd like to briefly explain:

1. Cost:  During the first two weeks of no-wsop month, we lost 74 BC and 32 BS.  If we assume a average hull price of 40m for BC (almost all are tier 2, rounding to make math easier) than the BCs alone would cost a bit under 3b isk.  If we assume a 100m pricetag for BS (mostly tier 2 and 3, rounded to make math easier), it comes in at another 3b isk.  That is 6b isk for just 2 weeks of operations.  Simply put, this would be larger than any other expenditure in the University (rent, skillbooks, etc..).  This isn't doable with our current revenue stream, and would require substantial changes to bring in that amount of additional revenue.

2. Moral Hazard: Simply put, we would be insulating players from the risk of flying these ships, and their behavior would change.  We would have people flying them that lack the skills, confidence, or experience, and it could result in substantially higher losses than what we currently have. When you factor in insurance costs, poorly fit BS losses could actually be free, or make the person isk.  This would lead to much riskier flying, which doesn't benefit the Uni as a whole.

3. Preparation: People need to be able to support their PVP habit.  Everyone pays for their PVP ships somehow.  Some use alts, different corp structures, etc.., but there is no such thing as a free ship. People need to learn self-sufficiency at some level.  This is a good way to encourage it. By the time people can really fly a battlecruiser or battleship well, they will probably be thinking of moving on anyway.

4. Resource Allocation:  I believe that 1 BS reimbursement serves a lot less educational value than 400 rifters.  I would rather allocate the Uni's limited resources towards the widest number of people possible. The existing system does this.

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