Friday, October 14, 2011

New War Dec Changes

CCP has decided to change the rules to war-decs, or more simply, just decide to remove alot of the extra rules added over the years. Now, anything possible within game mechanics will be allowed.

On one hand, it allows us to adapt our procedures to make it much more expensive (not impossible) to declare war on us.  We still have a multitude of PVP options available, like w-space, low-sec, 0.0, or declaring war on a fun group to fight.  So, on one hand, it is great for us.

However, it reveals the large problems with the war declaration mechanic.  Hopefully, it will mean CCP is taking a hard look at revising the mechanic and creating a much richer and entertaining game experience.  What are everyone else's thought on what a new wardec mechanic should look like?

I've always liked the idea of a counter-bribe idea.  In my idea, the defender would have the option of placing a counter-bribe with concorde (any amount they want).  The aggressor would be notified that a counter-bribe was placed, but not the amount.  They could then place another bribe (any amount they want). Concord would look at the two bids (placed blind of one another), and whoever has the highest bid wins.  If the defender wins, the war is immediately canceled and the aggressor cannot redeclare war for some period of time.  If the aggressor wins, the war continues and the defender cannot try to bribe again for another week.  It would add another economic variable into the idea. The blind nature of the bids would lead to some interesting meta-gaming.

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  1. Awesome idea, it could really narrow down the High Sec PvP to more consensual matter. NOt sure if that is what CCP has in mind though.