Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why do I do it?

In a recent thread, someone asked why people would want to stay in EUNI and teach, be a director, or work as a manager. This isn't the first time I've been asked something like that, so I thought I'd talk about why I do it.

First off, I don't do it for some powertrip, or any of those common accusations.  Thats not the type of behavior I've ever really liked.  I will admit to enjoying the occasional trolling, but thats a bit different. I do it mainly because of  3 reasons.

1.  I actually do enjoy helping people.  My day job also involves a career in which I assist people, and its just part of my personality that I enjoy it.  Now, I don't do this my entire time in eve.  There are times when I just want to get on an alt and do something else, and I do.  Sometimes it might have involved scamming someone.  Other days it might be trying1 to blow up some unsuspecting guy. It depends on my mood. But, I do consistently find helping new players to be "fun".

2.  I enjoy the community in Eve University.  When I first joined, I didn't have any plans on sticking around for the long term.  However, over time I grew to like the people in Eve Uni.  Yes, the vast majority of the people from my first year have gone elsewhere, but other people have come in and become my friends as well. The people have changed, but the sense of community has stayed the same. 
3. For some bizarre reason, part of my personality enjoys puzzles and organiztion.  My job as Logistics director puts me in a position where I have to take things like production lines, BPO availability, corp roles, isk flow, etc.. and fit them together in a way to maximize our capabilities to efficiently meet our needs.  I know a lot of people would be bored silly by this, but for some reason I'm not.  Call it a major personality flaw, but it does make me find my eve "job" fun.  When someone asks a question about how to redo our title structure to accomplish xy while still being secure and not doing z, I do find it interesting.  God, I'm weird.

1I said trying because I am remarkably average in PVP.  I'm probably above average at the market and industry, but I am not a PVP god and will/have never claim(ed) to be one.

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  1. As a casual EVE player for a long time, now that I am in E-UNI I will not leave until asked or retire from the game all together.

    I get bursts of activity in EVE usually based upon how bored I am of other games that I play.

    I like that when I log in with E-UNI after a few days-weeks of down time while long skills train and I am Beta Testing WoW or another game I can get right into a fleet and do stuff if I so choose.

    I also like helping new players out as it give me something positive to do in the game.