Monday, February 3, 2014

E-UNI in 2013

As we get closer to our 10th birthday celebration, I wanted to take some time to share some highlights from 2013.

I believe that 2013 was a great year for the Uni (or at least me). E-UNI saw the transition from one CEO to the next, changes in rules, and the continual growth of the University and our services. To put the scale of this in perspective, here are some highlights from 2013.

-We removed rules preventing students from flying with other EVE pilots and organizations
-We increased access to Sov Null
-Removed rules restricting killrights and bounties
--We had substantial changes to our WSOP, including our approach to war. For just a highlight of those changes, look at ... ldid=45812

University PVP has been incredibly strong and varied this year, with tremendous improvements in participation since the previous year.

Full year 2013 (2012)
Kills: 30456 (14721) Losses: 45790 (31740)
Damage done (ISK): 1921.69B (1018.96B) Damage received (ISK): 1654.98B (1162.77B)
Runtime: 364 (365) days Efficiency: 53.73% (46.7%)

206% kills, 144% losses, 188% ISK destroyed, 142% ISK lost with 7,03 %-point higher efficiency.

Slightly different data from to get information on average monthly numbers:
Median Kills / losses: 2502 (923) / 3383 (2040)
Median ISK destroyed / lost (B ISK): 179 (61) / 123 (74)
Median efficiency: 59,10% (49,53%)

271% kills, 166% losses, 292% ISK destroyed, 167% ISK lost with 9,57 %-point higher efficiency.

Some interesting numbers for 2013 (2012):
capital ships destroyed: 44 (26)
capital ships lost: 5 (6)
Supercapitals destroyed: 5 (0)
structures razed: 400 (2)

Our campuses have shown incredible strength this year, establishing themselves in new homes, growing, and maintaining a great learning environment. We have strong communities in all areas of space, with talented people in charge. One of the hardest transitions for any group is to continue after key leaders and individuals move on. This year all of the campuses have accomplished this feat, sometimes multiple times in the same campus, with no disruption in services or activity.

Personnel officers have a never-ending job. Despite this, they have not only kept on top of the work, but substantially improved the process for all new people joining. The procedure has been streamlined and clarified and the queue to join is currently just a few days, as opposed to weeks at the beginning of the year. They have done over ten thousand different actions in our recruitment tool, with over five thousand people interviewed. Some volunteers have interviewed literally hundreds of students over the last year.

The Wiki
The Wiki has shown increased use as well, with several million pageviews per month now. It is our hope that continued work by volunteers can help keep it updated and current for the future.

Education has also continued its tradition of teaching new pilots in Eve. The volunteers in that department have averaged almost 1.5 classes per day, and almost 1 corporate event per week. This is an amazing number of manhours devoted to helping other EVE pilots. During the last year we’ve also moved to more public classes, spreading our assistance to a wider number of people.

Logistics has continued its great job helping students have the necessary supplies to survive.

Total ISK reimbursed to new players: ~46.6 billion
Note: This does not include items given out via the hangars or the skillbook wallet.

T1 Replacements
326 Frigates
281 Destroyers
1012 Cruisers
1934 requests processed, 1624 approved

T2: Old program (2013-01-01 to 2013-10-06)
171 requests, 155 approved

T2: Consolidated SRP (2013-10-06 to 2013-12-31)
155 requests, 128 approved

1352 requests, 1113 approved (65 returning players accepted on SP)


I think we can all see that the University has had a successful year by many measures, but there is always room for improvement. It is my hope that next year I can report higher numbers in every category, with a increase in quality as well.

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