Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Birthday Incoming

EVE University's ninth birthday is rapidly approaching (March 15th), and we have plenty of festivities planned, along with some announcements of upcoming changes. I hope to see some of you participating in our events and discussions.

-Ask The Management Discussion on March 24th @ 20:00
-Attack the Management: TBD
-Pilgrimage to the Eve Gate
-Birthday Cube of Death
-more in planning stages

Some Classes:
[CLASS] 2013.03.03 00:01 - Q&A with PvP expert Azual Skoll
[CLASS] 2013.03.03 02:00 - Null Sec Life
[CLASS] 2013.03.10 21:00 Aggression and Engagement
[CLASS] 2013.03.24 19:00 Logistics Ships 101
[CLASS] 2013.03.24 01:00 - EVE Lore Panel Discussion
-More yet to be announced

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