Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Where to draw the line? Setting standards

One topic that frequently comes up in the Uni is how to balance the idea of having a minimum standard of skill in order to do certain areas of the game with the desire to be inclusive and allow new players to participate.

Previously, it had popped up in the idea of PVP training.  Some players wanted to start training in more specialized types of fleets, which by their compositional requirements would necessitate a level of SP that new players couldn't have.  Others fought for the idea of inclusive fleets so new players can have some fun and learn the basics of PVP.

In incursions, we have a similar conversation happening now, with some people wanting to raise the standard (somewhat low already) for fittings in order to join a Uni incursion fleet.  This is to address the new changes to incursions, which tend to result in higher demands in the site, and higher Sansha controls, which exacerbates the issue.

I for one find this type of debate healthy, as it shows some trends I believe are very strong in the Uni, our desire to include our newer pilots, and our desire to improve ourselves in different aspects of the game.  I prefer a balance, where we have options for both types of approaches.  For the PVP realm, this means frequent fleets that include all players, alongside more specialized fleets to allow older players to develop and practice new skills they can teach later. 

In incursions, however, we an additional complicating factor, in that their very design influences what is a successful fleet composition.  A PVP fleet with a lot of new players just has to pick different targets or strategies.  An incursion fleet that is understrength simply can't complete the sites. As such, I think a raising of the bar in this area is probably called for, simply to allow Uni students to participate successfully. 

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  1. Regarding PvP, running a fleet with specific requirements such as a 'sniper' or Stealth Bomber fleet obviously has minimum requirements, yet does not have to be as restrictive as may be found in say null corps. Letting someone in with T1 guns or a sub-optimal fit can usually be worked around, even if it means they can't shoot the enemy sometimes. Tactics and theory can still be experienced and learned from.

    Incursions undeniably require a minimum strength tank. This cannot be avoided. As for the hulls, do they _really_ need T3? Can a Megathron not perform well enough over a vindicator? This is a rocky road. IMHO a minimum requirmeent for survival should be set and must be met, however not "making the cut" because you're not optimal is not what the uni's about.

    I'm a firm believer in the statement: "when the university rules are too restrictive for you, then it it time to move on".
    Want to fly with only pro doctrine fit BC gangs? Join The Bastards or a null corp.
    Want to make billions of isk running incursions with perfectly optimal fleets of machariels and T3's? Join an incursion corp.

    Want to teach eager unistas how to run incursions even if it means having to call out targets each and every spawn for the 5th straight site in a row? Welcome to EVE University.